Weatherproof your business: Severe weather update

Recorded April 14, 2021

Person with umbrella in the snow at night, looking down a busy street


Severe weather and your organization: How can decision-makers be prepared?

Key Highlights

  • How is the season unfolding so far and what is the hazard outlook for the rest of April into May?

Special guest: Caitlyn French, Program Coordinator, Meteorologist —
Vanderbilt University

Learn how your business can minimize disruption

Key Highlights

The long-range forecast: What exactly does this winter have in store?

How various scenarios could impact your business throughout the season, especially with uncertainties of the COVID-19 pandemic

Learn about unique challenges businesses face when dangerous winter weather strikes

The outlook for this year’s severe weather season draws comparisons to previously volatile years, with La Niña having a significant influence on the forecast.

Hosted by

Caitlyn French, Vanderbilt University

Program Coordinator, Meteorologist

Caitlyn French is a Program Coordinator in the Office of Emergency Preparedness, Fire and Workplace Safety at Vanderbilt University. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Western Kentucky University in Meteorology and minored in Floodplain Management and American Sign Language. She worked as an Administrative Specialist and Meteorologist for Warren County Emergency Management in Warren County, Kentucky, before coming to Vanderbilt in January 2020. Caitlyn has participated in full-scale exercises, critical weather incidents, and large, pre-planned events. Caitlyn coordinates several Emergency Preparedness programs including Weather safety along with developing procedures for the Vanderbilt University Emergency Operations Center.


Dave Samuhel, AccuWeather

Senior Meteorologist

Dave Samuhel has been a meteorologist with AccuWeather.com for nearly 20 years. As a senior meteorologist, his expertise includes long-range, tropical and commodity forecasting as well as western U.S. weather patterns, including drought and wildfire predictions.


Dave’s extensive forecasting experience benefits our AccuWeather For Business clients with whom he works with on a regular basis, especially our snow warning service clients. He also routinely provides forecasts on New York’s 1010 WINS and other major market radio stations during peak hours.


Jonathan Porter, AccuWeather

Senior Vice President, Weather Content & Forecast Operations
Chief Meteorologist

Jonathan Porter is AccuWeather’s Senior Vice President, Weather Content and Forecast Operations and Chief Meteorologist. He is one of AccuWeather’s most accomplished subject matter experts. In this key leadership role, he blends his background in meteorology, weather news forecasting, and information technology to collaborate with the world’s leading government meteorological services and other key data providers to acquire top-tier weather information and content to integrate the most advanced weather data and technologies into AccuWeather’s products and services. Jon led AccuWeather’s B2B unit, AccuWeather For Business (formerly AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions or AES) for four years, delivering valuable new products to the company’s portfolio, to help businesses minimize losses and liability, while maximizing profits and operational efficiency. AccuWeather For Business achieved significant growth during his tenure.

Understanding what lies ahead is the best way to begin planning for direct impacts and related business disruption. Our experts are ready to share! To help your business prepare for hurricane impacts, AccuWeather's expert meteorologists will host a webinar on Wednesday, May 6 at 2:00 p.m. EST.

Hosted by


Dan Kottlowski 

Lead Hurricane Forecaster

Linkedin • Email

Dan Kottlowski has 43 years of experience as an operational weather forecaster. Dan leverages both his in-depth understanding of the weather and his top-flight communication skills throughout the year as an AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist. During the Atlantic hurricane season, Dan is the lead hurricane forecaster for AccuWeather and coordinates the AccuWeather hurricane team.


Becky DePodwin

Meteorologist, Product Training & Support Coordinator

Linkedin • Email

Becky DePodwin is a meteorologist and emergency preparedness specialist with over a decade of professional experience serving partners and clients, combining expertise in meteorology, emergency preparedness, and risk communication. Becky uses best practices in emergency management to review and evaluate emergency preparedness plans, provide recommendations and develop guidance to partners on the integration of severe weather and hurricane warnings to ensure effectiveness.

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Here's what you can expect:

  • • What area is most likely to be impacted by severe weather this spring?
  • • What are the influencing factors behind where storms form?
  • • How is the season unfolding so far and what is the hazard outlook for the rest of April into May?
  • • Learn how one university plans for and responds to severe weather threats
  • • Learn how your business can minimize disruption, reduce risk and liability, and drive revenue by leveraging weather risk mitigation services
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